Cyclic Voltammetry International School at the Université de Paris

The Cyclic Voltammetry International School (CVIS) is a five-day training course in Paris that combines class time and hands-on laboratory work rooted in the fundamental concepts of molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry. CVIS is intended for young researchers, including post-doctoral associates and academics, as well as for highly motivated PhD students who are seeking to gain or further enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Cyclic Voltammetry.

CHI551 - Electrons and nuclei in modern chemistry (with Dr. Greg Nocton)

This course focuses on fundamental aspects of NMR and electrochemistry, with case studies of mechanistic study and industrial processes.

CHI553 - Essentials in Molecular Chemistry (with Dr. Greg Nocton and Dr. Audrey Auffrant)

This course provides essential knowledge in molecular chemistry, especially in organic chemistry, group theory and inorganic chemistry.

CHI562 - Sustainable Chemistry (with Dr. Audrey Auffrant and Dr. Nicolas Mézailles)

This course reviews different aspects related to sustainable chemistry, with particular interest in hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus chemistry.